Admit it, who doesn’t want free data connectivity on their smartphones? The ability to surf and open different websites without any charge is a huge deal for everyone. Unfortunately, mobile carriers have amped up their game and have added extra costs for these. They also see to it that any app that provides a provision of this service is struck down at all costs. But until today, this only seemed like a faraway dream.

Thanks to one of the most popular hacker/developer known as Koushik Dutta, or rather Koush, the ability to use data connectivity on your smartphone for free has become a reality. By creating a non-market app, Koush was able to convert smartphones into an internet hotspot. Apart from exterminating data costs, the app is almost completely undetectable by mobile carriers.

If you have never heard of Koush, he gained popularity with his involved in ClockworkMod Recovery, a highly popular custom Android recovery software used by hackers and developers who operated through custom ROMs.

The app is actually a non-rooted application that ties your smartphone and your computer. Through this tie in, your computer gets to access the internet through your smartphone’s built-in connection. Although there are other apps that are the same as this, it is, by far, one of the best apps available in the market.

As of this writing, the app is on its Alpha stage. And unless you came from another planet, you probably know that this means there are some bugs that still need to be corrected prior to a more stable release. But based on what we’ve collected, it’s a well-built app.

Moreover, the current version is scheduled to expire on January 7. So unless you plan to help out with its development, you should just wait until the next version is released. However, you should not expect that the app will be made available on the Android Market as it could quickly be pulled down with the influence of the mobile carriers that get affected by it. Instead, you can include Koush in your G+ circles and download the app for free.

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Visit Koush’s G+ page here.

Christine Torralba
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