interbrands top 100

Interbrand published its annual brand value report, and technology companies are once again dominating the top 10.

Interbrand is a brand consultancy firm known for its annual listings of the most valuable brands in the world. To determine brand value, the firm looks at three main aspects: the financial performance of the company, the influence the brand has on buyer’s choices, and its strength to command a premium for the company.

Two companies in Interbrand’s top 100 have reached the $100 billion threshold for the first time. Apple, with a $118 billion valuation and a year over year growth of 21 percent, continues its run at the top, but Google isn’t far behind, with $107 billion and an annual growth of 15 percent. The two Silicon Valley-based behemoths are leading the mobile industry, and their position at the top is a testimony to the massive importance of mobile technology in our lives.

Venerable IBM comes in fourth, on a slight decline, while Microsoft holds on to the fifth position, with a brand valuation that is roughly half of Apple’s.

Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker and one of the world’s top marketing spenders, continues to improve its perceived brand value, going up a position from last year to the seventh place. Interbrand estimated Samsung’s brand value at $45 billion.

Other mobile players in the top 100 are Amazon (#15), Sony (#52), Huawei (#94), and, barely clinging to the top, Nokia (#98). Huawei is the first Chinese company to ever enter Interbrand’s top 100, a position that reflects is growing global presence and prowess in the mobile market.

What is your preferred tech brand and why?

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