Less than an hour. That’s how long it took Google Play Australia to see its Nexus 4 vanish from stocks following unprecedented demand. That was two weeks ago, and, just like all across the Globe, Google is still struggling to refill the exhausted stocks.

Naturally, tech lovers craving for the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean flavored device tried to find alternative ways of getting a hold of their “precious”, but had little success with third-party retailers. A few hours ago a glimmer of hope hit Australia via MobiCity, but it all came down tumbling soon after.

The vendor had the 8 GB Nexus 4 up for grabs for less than half a day, and, despite selling it at a premium compared with Google Play, it still ran out. The $449 phone apparently sold like hotcakes and is now back on pre-order with no ETA, which is basically a fancy and elegant way of saying it’s out and will stay out for probably weeks.

Meanwhile, the 16 GB model over on MobiCity didn’t even get these 15 minutes of fame, being stuck on pre-order at $499 (100 bucks more than what Google Play is normally asking).

The only piece of good news comes from the slightly less popular Nexus 10, who’s in stock at MobiCity with “fast delivery”. The 10-inch tab is available for $499 with 16 GB of on-board storage, so you’re only asked to pay 30 bucks more than via the Play Store. However, why pay more in the first place when Google has this baby in stock?

As for the 32 GB version of the slate, that’s nowhere to be found on MobiCity’s website, so you should be thankful if you’re going to see it sell before Christmas. Google Play also has this one sold out, so if you’ve come a bit late to the party you might not be able to taste the cake very soon.

Did anyone manage to get in an order for the 8 GB Nexus 4 on MobiCity? Do you think the retailer will have it back in stock before Google? If so, are you ready to pay the 100 (Australian) bucks extra?