For every game developer that shares its frustration of making money on Android and seemingly shuns the platform, we also hear the success stories of others that prefer Google’s mobile OS over Apple’s iOS, such as Mobage.

As reported back in June, the social game maker made #1 on the top grossing chart on both the Play Store and iTunes. How significant is the contribution of Mobage’s Android games to its coffer?

Mobage, which is owned by the Japan-based DeNA, is the developer behind hit games like Rage of Bahamut, Blood Brothers, Ninja Royale, Marvel: War of Heroes, and more. While most of the apps are offered for free, the developers make money from in-app purchases, or something that it calls Moba-coin.

According to the company’s Q2 financial report, released in September (DeNA’s fiscal year begins in April), the Moba-coin consumption for Mobage West, which serves European & North American customers, reached $30 million in the second quarter. The three most popular titles were Rage of Bahamut, Blood Brothers, and Ninja Royale.

During the webcast, DeNA president Isao Moriyasu explained the reason why the company will focus more on making Android games. “When we release games on the Android platform, there is no evaluation of the games,” he said. The approval process on iOS slows down the company’s pace and “lead to very long tuning times”.

Not having as rigorous of a testing process as the Apple camp is not always a good thing, mind you, at least when it comes to security and malware. But it’s not as bad as it made out to be, as our last report indicated.

Going back to Mobage and its Moba-coin fixation, we know not everyone’s a fan of the freemium model, but it can’t be denied that developers continue to find it as a reliable stream of revenue. Just take a look at its forecast for the third quarter, where the company expects the coin consumption from its Android titles will reach $60 million in Q3.

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