MIUI ROM for Nexus 7

Xiaomi has released an open beta ROM of their MIUI Android skin, optimized to run on the WiFi only Nexus 7 (2013.)

When we heard that Xiaomi wanted to expand their operations globally, we thought they meant shipping their hardware running their own software. The Xiaomi Redmi brand began shipping in Singapore just recently, and we imagined that further international locations with this device would be next on the list. Xiaomi instead has made an Android based MIUI ROM available as an open beta for the Wifi only Nexus 7 (2013,) effectively covering the majority of the globe in one fell swoop.

The ROM is tablet optimized for portrait and landscape modes, built as a “brand new architecture,” as opposed to a scaled up version of their MIUI 4, or v5. The experience includes new screen animations, system menus and comes packed with Xiaomi native apps – users will have to sideload Google’s apps, if they desire them.

MIUI for Nexus 7 2013 orientation
MIUI ROM for Nexus 7

Although the Nexus 7 will become the first official non-Xiaomi tablet hardware to run MIUI, we should expect to see more in the future. CEO Lei Jun has made mention that he would work with tablet vendors to see MIUI ship on their hardware.

If you are interested in giving MIUI a go on your WiFi Nexus 7 (2013), grab the ROM and instructions from the official MIUI post. Standard Root and ROM procedures and precautions apply. And don’t forget to tell us what you think – do you think MIUI is as sleek and glamorous as Xiaomi claims?

In general, do you think more manufacturers should make versions of their ROMs publicly available for users to flash to their devices?