With Intel’s plan to join the roster of mobile phone manufacturers, it can only be expected that great things will result from this venture. If you have been keeping a close eye on Intel, you may have already heard of their 32nm Medfield system-on-chip. Well, who wouldn’t? Considering it has been greatly talked about by the company the entire year. If you’ve been waiting for more information on this new platform, you’ll be pleased to know that we got a new update on the project.

Thanks to the report of the MIT Technology Review team, we got word that they obtained real hands-on experience with the device. With their reports, they released information that they got to experience the system on two notes: a smartphone and a tablet. The smartphone had a size similar to the iPhone and contained Gingerbread OS. On the other hand, the tablet closely resembled the iPad 2 (in thickness) and operated on Ice Cream Sandwich.

After testing these two gadgets, MIT gave a response that they were impressed by the both. But really, it was the ICS functional tablet that gained more raves as it was obviously smoother and faster than a typical Honeycomb counterpart. Meanwhile, the phone got a review by the team who said that it was ‘on a par’ with the most recent iPhone and Android gadgets.

When asked when these Medfield-based Android gadgets will be entering the market scene, Intel’s VP Stephen Smith was quoted that he expects to see them ‘in the first half of 2012.’ But he also gave a hint that these devices might make an early appearance at the CES 2012.

Given the well-documented efforts of Intel to join the smartphone craze, Smith has described that the Medfield chips contain a certain maturity superior to the failed LG W990 a couple of years back. With this in mind, we can only speculate that the new smartphone has really outdone itself this time. However, we’ll know it at CES 2012.

[Source: The Verge]

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