It seems like only yesterday, Sergey Brin was interrupting Vic Gundotra at I/O so we could all see Glass parachute into the event. It was a special, groundbreaking moment that captured our imaginations. Glass was mythical until that point, and those skydivers only cemented it as the future of our mobile experience.

Of course, all that cool stuff depends on some very bright people developing for Glass. To do so, they need the API, or Application Program Interface. Like those Glass units going out to those who signed up for them last year at I/O, the wait is over.

Google released the Mirror API for Glass today, giving developers a head start for getting their apps up and running on Glass. We won’t see much yet, as Google has asked Developers to release their software via an official Glass distribution site not yet open to the public.

There are lots of parameters and such right now, which don’t need mention other than to say Google is playing Glass really close to the chest. While Glass may be Android based, it’s not quite open source yet. That’s good, because Google Glass is a very forward thinking piece of hardware that should probably be experienced before developers have a chance to write for it. Conceptually, an idea may make sense… but practically, it may fail.

Google Glass could still be targeted for the holiday season, 2013, so developers will have to get cracking on some great apps for this to be widely adopted. In its current state, Glass does some cool stuff… but probably not enough to warrant whatever price tag Google will saddle it with. Like most things, though, developers will find a way to make us want it with their innovations.

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