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Yo's creator is back with Mirage, a simplified Snapchat alternative

Mirage is the latest app from the creator of Yo, this time bringing us a somewhat simplified alternative to Snapchat.
July 29, 2014

Back in June we first caught wind of a new app called Yo, that despite having no functionality beyond sending a short message with the word “yo” in it, managed to gain quite a bit of attention and even received over a million in venture funding as result. Now the app’s creator, Moshe Hogeg, is back with yet another app, this time using the Mobli brand to bring us a “simplified” take on services like Snapchat.

Like Snapchat and its many alternatives, Mirage is all about sending and receiving photos, text messages, short videos and audio files that can only be viewed once before simply self-destructing. One of the most noticeable things about Mirage is its UI, which is split into 2 parts. The upper part shows your camera viewfinder and the lower part contains all your contacts. The idea is that you can do just about everything without having to toggle between various menus. To send a text, you simply tap twice on the screen, and swiping from right to left lets you switch between different filters.

Like Snapchat and its many alternatives, Mirage is all about sending photos, text messages, short videos and audio files that self-destruct upon viewing

Another advantage of Mirage is that all your contacts are present and you can send self-destructing messages to anyone — that includes non-members. Those without a Mirage account will simply be sent a link that brings them to Mirage’s webpage and from there they will be able to view the content once, before it disappears like always. Mobli says that, unlike some other services, they will not ask these folks to download the app or pressure them in any way. On the downside, Mirage does not offer group messaging at the moment, though they promise such a feature is on its way in the near future.

Overall, Mirage is just another Snapchat clone, though its UI is admittedly very refined and the ability to easily send messages to all your contacts is also a welcome feature. For those that are already using Snapchat or a comparable alternative, there’s probably not a whole lot of reason to switch, though we’ll leave that up to you. Those that find current self-destructing messaging apps mostly pointless (I’m raising my hand..), this app probably isn’t going to change your mind.

To check out Mirage for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.