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Minuum keyboard squeezes entire alphabet onto a single line, ideal for smartwatches (video)

The Minuum app for Android takes the entire alphabet and squeezes it onto a single line. Not only will this save space on smartphone displays, the company has now released a video showing how well this approach can work on smartwatches.
January 22, 2014

While smartwatches aren’t quite a must-have item for most mobile users just yet, there is no denying that interest in wearables has increased dramatically over the past year and, if CES is any indication, things aren’t slowing down any in 2014.

As smartwatches become more powerful, we will need to address some of the form factor’s problems. This includes finding a way to more efficiently respond to notifications and other apps that need text input, without pulling out our smartphones. With that in mind, Minuum recently loaded its unique keyboard app onto the Galaxy Gear, demoing just how well its condensed keyboard works in tight spaces like a smartwatch’s display.

As you can see, Minuum really performs quite well, even if it is still arguably easier to pull out your handset instead of slowly typing away on a smaller keyboard.

For now, Minuum isn’t directly available on any existing smartwatch, though it’s probably more than possible to get it working through some kind of sideloading approach. In the meantime, Minuum is available for other Android devices, priced at $1.99.

Although we see more benefits in using the keyboard on extremely small screens, the app’s developer points out that their condensed keyboard helps free space on your display without getting in the way, like a full keyboard sometimes can. For those moments when you need a larger keyboard, switching is as easy as pressing on the keyboard with two fingers.

To learn more about the app or to purchase it, be sure to click on the Google Play link.