Mint Mobile Black Friday Deal

Since it launched, Mint Mobile has quickly become one of the best prepaid wireless services around. Ryan Reynolds (yes, that one) and the team hit the nail on the head with this online-only MVNO, which features easily understandable and affordable plans that don’t commit you to a contract.

Not content with offering great value plans to lure you in, Mint is now promoting its early access Black Friday sale. The deal is as simple as everything else Mint does: If you sign up for any of the three-month plans right now, you get a further three months for free.

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It’s worth remembering that Mint Mobile already offers you your first three months on any plan at an introductory rate. And because there are no contractual obligations to continue, you can just walk away if you don’t like it. For instance, your first three months of the 8GB plan is $60, or $20 per month. If you’re satisfied then you can renew for the equivalent of $35 per month. If not, you can head for the hills.

Now add the Black Friday sale onto that. While this promotion lasts, you’ll get your first six months of the same 8GB plan for $60, or just $10 per month! Again, you’ll have no commitment to stick with it thereafter. It works the same way for the 3GB, 12GB, and unlimited plans that Mint offers. In terms of six months of Mint coverage, this deal is actually better than half-price, since your renewal cost after three months would usually be higher than the introductory rate.

You can learn more about Mint Mobile on our deep-dive via the link two paragraphs up, but the early access Black Friday deal really is as simple as it sounds. There are some nice phone deals from the carrier too. Hit the widget below to peruse the plans and get started.

$60 .00
Get six months of Mint Mobile for the price of three
Save $115 .00
Buy it Now
Get six months of Mint Mobile for the price of three Buy it Now
Save $115 .00 $60 .00

You can bet your bottom dollar that Mint won’t be the only prepaid carrier with Black Friday sales running. For more information on all of the top prepaid carriers out there, check out our handy guide.