Have you ever wanted to describe something to someone but you just couldn’t find the words to explain it? Have no fear, Pico Projectors are here. These nifty devices are handheld, and relatively powerful, and posses the ability to project an up to 100-inch screen. With new technology improving and prices dropping, can we expect to see Pico Projectors technology to be integrated with Android phones?


At the beginning of this month, the  growing world of Android fans got one step closer to having a Pico-Projector phone. The Tursion TS-102 fiercely boasts a 800×600 image for up to 100 inches. But you didn’t come hear to read about that. The device carries its own optimized version of Android. Yes, you heard me correctly, a pocket sized, Android-powered projector.

The Android Powered Tursion TS-102

Once you take a better look into the specifications of these handheld projectors, one will notice features similar to Android smartphones. These features include: built-in flash memory, sd-card slot, speakers, audio-out ports, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Optoma's new PK120

With Android now directly inside of projectors, it is safe to say that future devices may be sporting built-in projectors. Sure, there is one other Android projector phone created by Samsung, but it never enjoyed a wide release. With further successes being made in the lab, they are now translating into improvements for the production line. It’s only a matter of time, folks!