Brainstorming is a great way to exercise your brain cells, allowing you to generate some crazy ideas that you would never have imagined. If you feel that you have way too many ideas, you should try mind mapping. It may sound like a strange idea, but there’s an application that can definitely help you organize your thoughts.

Mindomo is an online mind mapping service for Android that lets users map out their ideas, create thoughts and even share their mind maps with colleagues or with the public to help other users accomplish their targeted goals as quickly as possible.

The app itself offers numerous mind mapping options that you can tinker with. Mindomo is a complete package, as it offers various tools to help you sort out your thoughts and document them with tools such as notes creation, attaching multimedia content, customizing backgrounds, changing themes, adding icons, comments, tasks, and adding hyperlinks just to name a few. All of these preset tools are very helpful in visualizing your goals in a clutter-free environment.

There are numerous mind mapping applications found on the Google Play Store that are teeming with all sorts of features and exclusive options. Mindomo happens to be one of the best mind mapping applications of all time with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive line of tools that users can take the advantage of.

In order for Mindomo to function properly you need to have a user account. Getting an account is simple and Mindomo doesn’t charge you a single penny. Even if you don’t have an account, you can still create mind maps and save them locally on your phone.

When it comes to creating mind maps, Mindomo still shares the same concept those in other similar applications. You still start with a single idea in the center, before you can branch out to add descriptions or even create smaller ideas.

There are various tools and options that will help users with their mind mapping. The toolbar found on the left side will help users create notes, add images, insert media, hyperlinks, specify details, and other basic editing tools. The toolbar found on the top will help users change the current mind map theme, set the tile settings, add subtopics or floating topics, and change the map layout.

Long-pressing a tile will let you do basic editing functions like cut, copy, and paste. Navigation is a breeze, as the app will let you zoom in and out quickly through pinch-to-zoom functionality. Created mind maps are automatically synced online. If you don’t want the app to hog your mobile data plan, make sure that you configure it to sync only on Wi-Fi mode.

Mindomo is great not just for brainstorming ideas but also for education, information gathering, business plans, setting up goals, and other related information that you need to organize and structure.

Grab your free copy of Mindomo from the Google Play Store.

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