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Meet MightyText: text and call from your computer, a la iMessage

June 20, 2012
Ever since Apple introduced iMessage, Android users have been looking for the best and simplest way to chat with other people without being restricted to using your smartphone, but while keeping their phone number (which in many cases acts as the sole identification method for the recipient).

While I’m sure you guys all know many alternatives to this (by the way, make sure you drop a comment and let us know what app you use), today I’m here to talk about MightyText, a new app developed by former Google employees that allows you to sync your messages and text notofications with almost all PC browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are natively supported) and tablets.

Once you’ve installed the MightyText app on your Android smartphone (works with Android versions 2.2 and up) as well as on your PC, all your messages (SMS or data-based if the recipient is also using the app) will be automatically and almost instantly synced on both your smartphone and PC.

The cool thing is that since MightyText works a lot like a remote controlling app, you will be able to call or send text messages from the comfort of your PC, without needing to touch your Android smartphone, and all this while keeping your phone number. Just imagine the utility of such a function while in classrooms, courtrooms, or even while at home or at the office. Another cool feature of MightyText is that the app automatically backs up your texts and MMS, very useful if you’re used to installing various custom ROMs on your smartphone.

Since the app was originally released back in March 2012 under the “Texty” nickname, it was downloaded on more than 250k devices and it’s used for sending roughly 2 million texts each day. The hype around this app is obviously growing at high pace, something completely understandable, seeing that MightyText is basically the only iMessage clone available for Android, wouldn’t you agree?