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Microsoft Outlook coming to Android soon

Following the release of its Office suite for Android, Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing its Outlook Web App to Android in the near future too.
April 1, 2014
Outlook logo

Microsoft released its Office software suite for free last week, but regular Microsoft users may have noticed that something was missing – Outlook. Fortunately, Microsoft is also planning to bring its email client over to Android too, in the form of its Outlook Web App. Microsoft initially released its “OWA” app for iPhone and iPad last year.

Although there’s plenty of email options available on Android already, Office users may find Microsoft’s own software preferable as it will be fully compatible with Microsoft’s other features, such as the company’s Online Services and Exchange ActiveSync support.

Ok, so an email client might not be that interesting on its own, but Microsoft has also announced some other changes to its email software, which might make its own app more enticing.

Outlook Web App Android

Without going into too much detail, Microsoft looks set to improve email management through its “clutter” system, which should help users sort through their important an unimportant message. Document collaboration is also up for a few tweaks. The Outlook Web App is integrated with OneDrive for automatic attachment syncing and allows users to set permissions for these attachments, such as who can edit the document. Collaboration also ties into Microsoft’s Group feature, which is designed to help manage your contacts, messages, and documents. Sounds good, but we’ll have to wait and see how many of these features end up in the Android app.

For a closer look at Microsoft’s upcoming email changes, check out the official blog post here.

When all of this comes together, Microsoft Outlook could end up being a feature rich app for Android, especially if you’re a regular Office or business user. What do you think about Microsoft Office for Android so far?