It looks like Microsoft is getting into the media streaming dongle business with its plainly named Wireless Display Adapter. At first glance, the device might seem somewhat similar to the Chromecast. After all, it’s small, easy to install and provides no control interface beyond your phone, tablet or Windows PC. Unlike the Chromecast or devices like the Roku Streaming Stick, however, the device isn’t relegated to just a handful of compatible apps.

The WDA uses Miracast technology to mirror anything that’s on your Windows or Android devices, including video services, games and so much more. Of course, the Chromecast can already sort of do the same thing thanks to the addition of Android screen casting — though that feature isn’t exactly 100% ready for primetime just yet.

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Another advantage over similar alternatives is the the WDA uses Wi-Fi direct to access a mobile device or computer. That means you can mirror the screen even without Internet access, which is useful for locally stored media and apps.

On the downside, Microsoft’s solution isn’t exactly cheap at $60, though it could still be a viable solution for those looking to cast anything and everything from their PCs and Android devices over to their televisions. The Wireless Display Adapter is expected to arrive to major markets like the US starting next month.

What do you think, would you consider such a device over the Chromecast and other more traditional media streaming solutions?

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