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Robert Scoble currently holds his title as one of the most influential tech bloggers. You may better recognize him from a popular image in which he is showering while wearing Google Glass. Long before his tech baths he was mingling with Microsoft as a Windows evangelist, though. He has his background and knows the company, making his opinion on Windows Phone of significant importance.

Scoble’s opinion on Microsoft’s mobile platform is firm and sound: he believes the company should ditch Windows Phone all together. He then goes on to express that going Android would be the best choice Microsoft could make.


“The real answer is, give up Windows Phone, go Android, and embrace and extend like you did with the Internet. But they don’t listen to me.” – Robert Scoble

In this interview with Geek Wire, Scoble also goes on to express why he believes Microsoft is failing in this highly competitive market. One main discrepancy is that Microsoft is no longer a startup. It works much more like the massive corporation that it now is. This turns Microsoft into a “committee-driven and slow” company.

The problem with Microsoft is that it’s so committee-driven and slow. It’s not a startup anymore.

Satya Nadella may be trying to change this by hosting hackathons, which he thinks is “cool” and may spark some developer interest. He claims the real problem lays on the fact that this won’t change a thing as long as they stay in Seattle. His belief is that if Microsoft should succeed in the mobile market, it would be by winning San Francisco, which he considers the “center of the world” for tech.

Should Microsoft really go Android?

Android and Windows Phone

As true Android fans, we support variety, competition and an open market where everyone can have a piece of the pie. This would be the case in our ideal world, but there is something making Microsoft fail in the market. As much as they have grown, they are still losing terribly.

Seeing Lumia smartphones running Android would be an epiphany in the flesh

Fellow writer Robert Scoble also holds truth in his words when he says “that train has sailed”. With that said, should Microsoft really switch to Android? As a Google follower, most of us would agree that seeing Lumia smartphones running Android would be an epiphany in the flesh. Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) makes some of the best hardware around!

As for my real opinion? I’ll be damned if ever see Microsoft pulling such a move. This would mean Microsoft getting off its high horse and give up in front of Google and the world. Simply put, it would signify defeat. Rationally speaking, the platform is still new and continues to grow, so Microsoft won’t be making such drastic changes any time soon… as sweet as that idea sounds.

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