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Want to excel at Excel? Become VBA literate

To really unleash the potential of Excel, you need to master VBA. This bundle teaches you how to use VBA for real business applications.
March 6, 2018

I have a soft spot for Microsoft Excel. There’s just something extremely pleasing about a working set of calculations, or even a cheeky vlookup.

The thing is, knowing how to change the number of decimal places and putting together a good color scheme can only get you so far. If you want to really harness the power of Excel, you need to know your onions when it comes to VBA.

Fortunately help is at hand, and it’s even on offer. Today’s deal is the Microsoft VBA Bundle. If you’re looking to advance your career prospects, stellar Excel game is a great card to have in your hand.

Really harness the power of Excel

The bundle is made up of two extensive courses: Microsoft VBA and Advanced VBA. The focus is on real applicability in business rather than just understanding the functionality of Excel. The creators, Excel for Business, want to give you skills you can really use to wow your clients or paymasters.

During the first of these CPDUK certified courses you get acquainted with using VBA to harness Excel. By the end you’ll be creating subroutines and automating your processes.

In the second course you really kick on to the next level, and learn how to manipulate Excel in all sorts of ways. You’ll be able to use input boxes and message boxes to interact with users, create cross-functional flowcharts, and even customize the right click menu.

If you like the sound of this data wizardry, your timing is on point. Usually valued at $69 each, you can get both courses in the bundle for just $29.99. No complex formula required to work out that you’re saving 78% on the retail price.

We think this deal only lasts until Thursday, so join the 1,000+ people already enrolled by hitting the button below.

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