Microsoft Surface phone

Despite efforts from Microsoft and Nokia, Windows Phone has yet to really have much impact in the market. With the Microsoft Surface tablet causing a fair amount of buzz, many rumors suggest Microsoft could release their own Surface phone as well. Now Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has stepped up and said that he would welcome the idea of Microsoft having its own smartphone. The executive says it could promote and expand the Windows Phone ecosystem.

This is quite different from the attitude we’ve seen with Acer, which has been complaining quite actively about Microsoft releasing their own PC hardware. The idea of Surface phone is an interesting one, though it is unclear if and when Microsoft will release their own smartphone. More than likely, it depends how successful (or rather unsuccessful) its partners are with Windows Phone 8 when it arrives later this month.

Could a Microsoft Surface phone spell trouble for the Android or Apple ecosystem? Probably not. A sexy and sleek Surface smartphone might appeal to some users, but it’s not likely to cause a major disruption.

Apple fans tend to be fiercely loyal to the iPhone brand. Many iPhone owners would never consider a Microsoft product. As for Android users, most of us prefer having a wide range of choice and the ability to do whatever we want we with our phones, thanks to Android’s open nature. On the other hand, a Microsoft Surface phone could possibly secure Microsoft’s position in third place against upcoming platforms like BB10 and Firefox OS. What do you think?