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Android users and enthusiasts have observed that does not work well with Android devices. In particular, attachments cannot be edited (or even viewed) on a mobile web interface, and requires that a compatible editor be installed on the device.
August 13, 2012

Android is currently the dominant mobile platform, according to Q2 2012 sales and activation figures. We can also assume that Gmail is the preferred email platform among Android users. But with the recent launch of Microsoft’s cloud platform, can we see a formidable competitor to Gmail?

Microsoft recently launched as a replacement to its web-based email service Hotmail. is also supposed to consolidate other Microsoft cloud-based initiatives in the aim of attracting more of the enterprise market that’s the main clientele of Microsoft Office. Microsoft is making a big play for mobile, too, and has actually targeted Gmail in its first ads.

But users and technology enthusiasts have observed that may cause problems for mobile users, as it does not work well with Android devices. Over at PC World, Tim Greene reports having problems opening attachments from the stock Android browser.

Clicking on the attachments is supposed to enable viewing and editing them from a Microsoft cloud-based SkyDrive account, but that doesnt happen. Instead the device downloads the document and attempts to open it with an Office reader.

Meanwhile, the web-based editing functionality works well with iOS devices and Windows-based platforms. Microsoft has responded to Greene’s concerns, and said the issue involves “limitations that are specific to the Android mobile browsing experience and the Office Web Applications.” However, Microsoft engineers have promised to use the feedback to improve the platform on “all modern devices.”

Any users who have had the same experience? Is this a dealbreaker for Android users, or should we wait while Microsoft works out the kinks in its mobile interface?