Patent Infringement

In the ongoing struggle to get us all to understand just how Scroogled we are, Microsoft has taken another shot at Google. With a steady barrage of stuff we already knew and stopped caring about, Microsoft has really set the bar low for sensationalism.

This time, Microsoft takes dead aim at Docs. Rather than tout the benefits of actually using Office versus Docs, Microsoft has instead enlisted D-List celebrities to convince us that Docs is a “gamble”. The once funny Rob Schneider and once relevant Pete Rose are Microsoft’s heavy-hitting team, here to persuade us into believing that Office documents won’t open properly as Docs.

Like most of Microsoft’s marketing campaign, is dead on. Your Office documents often don’t open properly in Drive, as Docs. Like so many companies and schools have, perhaps it’s time for your company to switch. Like so many other users understand, perhaps Office isn’t as necessary as Microsoft would have you believe.

We will save the obvious software versus web app oversight, especially as it relates to formatting. What would be the point of facts? Microsoft doesn’t like those. But, let’s get back to the big picture, which is how Office won’t work with Drive.

Just make the switch. Microsoft seems to be encouraging companies to switch, so do it already! That’s the point of this video, right? We’re supposed to switch? Office doesn’t play nice with others? Yeah, I think we’re supposed to switch.

Thanks for the heads up, Microsoft.

UPDATE: The YouTube video has now been made private. Womp womp.