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BGR: Microsoft Office coming to Android tablets and iOS devices in November

May 25, 2012


Despite the reliance that so many have on Microsoft’s range of productivity applications, the software giant is yet to release an Office app on Android and iOS devices. A couple of months ago, a running version of Microsoft Office was spotted on an iPad, but its authenticity was questioned after Microsoft denied it. But the demand for dedicated mobile apps is clearly there, so Microsoft is apparently planning to release its full Office suit for Android and iOS soon.

The news was first reported by BGR, which got a tip from “a reliable source” about Microsoft’s plan to bring Office to a wider audience. Not only is the company planning to make the suite available on the iPad, but it’ll also come to Android tablets. It’s still not clear yet whether iPod Touch and iPhone owners will also get to enjoy editing their docs while on the go, but chances are it will be compatible with the two. According to the source, Microsoft is aiming to release both mobile versions of the app in November.

It’ll be a while before we see Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets hitting the stores. So we don’t think there’s any harm in giving people a taste of what’s to come by making one of the most popular and widely used software available on other mobile platforms. On the other hand, we do understand if Microsoft is trying to maintain some sense of exclusivity of the app, by keeping Office strictly on its platform. And it’s not like us, Android folks, are in any shortage of worthy productivity suites, right?

Is this something you look forward to seeing on Android tablets? What’s your choice of doc editing app on your device?