Microsoft Office for Android

Regardless of your personal opinion of Microsoft, the fact remains that Office is still the most popular productivity suite in the PC world. When it comes to Android devices though, consumers have come to rely on alternative programs. This was mainly because we didn’t have a choice – up until now. Office fans will be pleased to know there will be an Android version in 2013.

Considering Microsoft is releasing its own tablet line with Windows 8 and RT, it might seem like a strange move to make one if its few “killer features” available to other platforms. More than likely, they just couldn’t resist the huge existing tablet and smartphone market. This is great news for those of us that like the idea of using an Android device for productivity. Besides coming to Android, Office 2013 will also arrive on iOS and even the aging Symbian platform.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about Microsoft Office for Android, though it is the first confirmation that comes with a 2013 timeframe. The news comes from Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek. The manager spoke earlier at a press event in the Czech Republic and revealed several juicy details about Office. This included target months and even specific platforms that Office 2013 would arrive on. March 2013 is believed to be the time frame for the consumer version. It was also mentioned that a December release might hit some businesses.

Interestingly enough, a U.S. spokesperson for Microsoft says they have yet to release retail availability to the public. Whether Petr Bobek jumped the gun in stating release targets remains unseen for the moment. Does the idea of using Microsoft Office on your Android tablet – or perhaps the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – excite you? While Office is popular for OS X and Windows, it might not sell so well in an environment that already has popular and established alternatives that (most likely) cost less.