When most of us think of Microsoft, the first things that come to mind are likely Windows, Office and Xbox. The reality is that Microsoft offers many software and hardware products, including peripherals like mice and keyboards. With that in mind, Microsoft has now released a bluetooth keyboard designed for Android users — oh, and Windows and iOS too.

What’s really interesting about the Bluetooth keyboard isn’t necessarily that it supports other platforms outside of Camp Windows, it’s that it seems to focus more on Android and iOS than its own platform. First, there’s an easy button for switching between iOS, Android and Windows bluetooth modes. Second, there’s an Android home key and Apple’s typical “CMD” key. Even more interesting, there’s no Windows key at all. To our knowledge, this is the only MS-made keyboard without such a key — ever.

The new Universal Keyboard contains a battery that will reportedly last for six months on a single charge. As for the price? The keyboard will set you back $79.95 when it arrives in October.

What do you think of Microsoft’s push towards being more multi-platform friendly, both software and hardware wise? A surprisingly change, or merely a logical progression as Windows becomes less dominant in a mobile-first world?

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