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Microsoft releases HelpBridge to assist people during natural disasters (with video)

During a crisis or a natural disaster, it's all about getting people the help they need and, if you're one of the victims, receiving help until the worst is over. Microsoft is helping people get connected with HelpBridge.
January 17, 2013
When there is a natural disaster or other crisis, there is nothing more important than getting those people help. Getting the victims sheltered and fed until they can be made whole again. Microsoft recently released an application called HelpBridge that helps people ask for help when they need it and offer help when they can afford it.

There is a video showing how all this works attached at the bottom. If you’d rather watch than read, check it out below. HelpBridge is painfully simple to use. You open the app and if you need assistance, you select the option where you can ask for it.

If you’re feeling particularly philanthropic, you can use the application to help others. There are a variety of ways you can do this and the video says you can donate time, goods, or money to help people out. In the app is a way to donate money via PayPal. If goods is more your thing, the app keeps a list of vital goods that are needed. Lastly, you can volunteer your time if you have it.

What devices is HelpBridge compatible with?

Pretty much all of them. There are apps in iTunes, the Google Play Store, or the Windows App Store. So this isn’t a battle of operating systems, it’s just Microsoft trying to build a community for everyone to help everyone. With things like Hurricane Sandy happening, apps like this can be truly useful.

There is a drawback, though. According to The Next Web, this app is only usable in the United States. So if you live outside the country, this won’t work for you right now. There are likely plans to expand the app to other regions, but for now it’s just for the US.

When it comes to relief efforts, there is no such thing as too many people helping out. Is anyone going to be grabbing this up? Let us know in the comments.