The hits just keep on coming.

Just when you thought they’d give up, Microsoft has begun another round of ‘Scroogled’ jabs aimed squarely at Google. We’d hoped that those seemingly light-hearted April fools day shots aimed at one another were a sign this one-sided blood feud had ended, but it most certainly has not. Well, at least not for Microsoft.

What does this round of barbs bring us? More of the same, really. It’s more Microsoft claiming that Google is just downright evil, or otherwise ‘nefarious’. Stealing information, reading your emails, giving your information out… the normal stuff we’ve grown accustomed to in desperate marketing ploys.

Microsoft is relying on scare tactics to gain customers. They’ve lost a lot of ground since the likes of Google came around, and Apple began taking itself seriously again. Long gone are the days when Microsoft could simply strong-arm the competition into the abyss. Now they must rely on what they consider cunning, though it simply smacks of shame.

What is Google doing in rebuttal? They’re loading up nicely, really. Google Glass is set for release later this year, and the rumored Android-powered Smartwatch seems to be a strong possibility as well. Their Babel chat function is taking shape, finally, and the Play Store is seeing updates roll out as you read this. The Motorola X devices are hopefully still set for Google I/O in May, and we also expect to see a fresh version of Android at that time. The Chromebook Pixel is a monster, and both Chrome browser and OS are seeing rapid growth.

That’s called innovation. That’s how you get ahead, Microsoft. The jabs may keep coming, but those haymakers are missing.


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