Terry Myerson All Things D

Oh, Microsoft. When will you learn?

Today, at All Things D: Dive into Mobile, Microsoft’s head of Windows Mobile, Terry Myerson, had some choice words for competitors. Among his statements were his musings on Android, which he refers to as “a mess”. He also mentions “mutiny” in reference to the Android landscape, claiming Samsung is really the only profiteer in the Android world.

He would go on to point out a Chrome-Android merger would take away from the open source nature of Android. He may be right… but nobody has said a merger will actually happen. Even within Google, it’s all speculative. Terry Myerson, though, is convinced… saying the talk of the two platforms remaining separate is “all b.s.

Mr. Myerson also pointed out that he feels “there are probably a whole team at Google right now trying to figure out how to lock out Facebook Home”. I’m not sure if he caught Eric Schmidt’s talk earlier, but when one of the most outspoken Googlers endorses Facebook Home wholly, it doesn’t seem to be a company bent on locking anyone out.

That seems to be just it, though… Terry Myerson, and Microsoft, are just not listening. The video is HERE, so please feel free to watch for yourself. In watching the video, it seems Terry is hell-bent on pointing out that Google is built on lies, and that Microsoft has the consumer’s best interest at heart.

I’ll bite my tongue, now.