I happen to be a fan of what Microsoft has been putting up in the Google Play Store. This is because they are obviously not trying to imitate what is done in their own platforms, and these apps actually happen to offer unique abilities to Android users (unlike what Apple has been doing). Today the Redmond computer giant introduces a new app that some of you may actually be familiar with – Arrow Launcher.

I checked out Arrow Launcher myself back when the beta was made available, in July. The launcher is optimized for the Android experience, but it is unlike vanilla Android… or most other third-party launchers, for that matter.

The whole point of Microsoft’s customized UI is that it tries to offer a smarter experience that adapts to your own usage habits. It gets rid of all the extra fluff and tries to put all your information front and center. You will notice it really has no home screen. The UI consists of three sections: People, Apps and Notes & Reminders.

The People section unites your contacts and messaging services, so all your recent numbers, messages and email addresses will be readily available here. You can also dial your own digits or find people.

I would say the Apps section is actually among the most interesting, as it puts together all the apps that really matter in a single place. You may not like it if you prefer your neat, alphabetically organized apps, though. And all the way to the right you can easily find a simple note and reminder section for easy task jotting.

The app was a bit less polished back when I experienced it, though. Other features include widgets, page rearrangement, a customizable dock, icon pack support and more. Some of these were already there, while others have been added in.

Want to give Arrow Launcher a try? Just go over to the Google Play Store and get installing. It’s also a free application, so you have nothing to lose.