Since the launch of Windows 8 back in October, Microsoft has been busy giving its vast range of products a makeover to help them conform and fit-in with the new approach. After a slight tweak in its appearance during the last December update, the Outlook.com app for Android has once again been given a facelift although this time, it’s a lot more expansive.

The app looks much cleaner than the previous version, with the screen looking less cluttered than before and many of the icons highlighted on the page being larger and easier for users to see. It does look a little plain at times though, which does make the app seem a bit too sterile and ordinary.

There have been additional physical tweaks within the new Outlook update that bring some popular web features to the app such as conversation threading. Alongside that, users will also get more control in selecting where their mail goes with filter categories and the ability to mark spam now possible on Outlook.

To get the new Outlook update, head over to Google Play where the update is now available to download.

Andrew Roach
After spending years playing with a many gadgets as he can get his hands on, Andrew has spent the past 5 years writing about all the latest technological innovations from across the world. When he's not busy playing with all the latest apps from Google Play, Andrew will be found trying to find the next hottest gadget to take the world by storm.