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Deal: Save $70 on this massive 512GB microSD card

Just be sure to check that your device can handle a microSD card with this much space.
March 4, 2019

Even though cloud storage solutions are making it much easier to access all your files from pretty much anywhere, nothing beats having the data stored on a physical drive. In the case of your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, that data might be stored on a sizable microSD card.

Well, if you need a new microSD card with a whopping 512GB of space, there’s a deal happening right now at Amazon which saves you $70 off a top-of-the-line card from Samsung. In the end, you’ll pay $130 for the unit, which includes free Prime shipping.

That might seem like a big chunk of change for a microSD card, but this is 512GB we’re talking about. Up until only a week ago, this was as much storage as you could get in a microSD card, so the price is actually very reasonable.

The only thing to keep in mind before you click the button below and rush off to this deal is that some devices might not support microSD cards this large. Check your device’s user manual to ensure that it supports cards of this size before you buy, or else you could be in for a disappointment. Luckily, Amazon’s return policies are really good, so you won’t be stuck or anything, but best to avoid that if you can.

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