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The MicFlip is the techy’s USB of choice

Micflip is the next generation in USB cables. As the first ever reversible USB cable it's impossible to plug it in upside down.
July 11, 2017

Whether you like smart tech or daft videos, either way you’ve come to the right place today. For the latter, check out the video above. It’s rather amusing, which is quite a feat given that it’s advertising a bit of wire.

Having said that, the MicFlip is a pretty cool piece of kit for your collection. It’s the first-ever reversible USB cable, meaning you can’t accidentally try to plug it in upside down. It works both ways, saving you that precious second or two. It does make you wonder why all USB cables aren’t like this.

The general spec is solid too. Gold coated plugs to resist corrosion and super strong nylon braided cable which resists tangling. It’s about as pimped out as a USB cable can get, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your system.

There’s some great discounts on the MicFlip right now, and the more you buy the cheaper it gets of course. We’d recommend the 3-pack at just $37.99, which is about half the retail value. However you can pick up one for just £13.99.

If the persuasive powers of the goofy guy (him in the video, not me) have lured you in, get your MicFlip before the offer ends via the link below.

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