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This reversible Micro USB cable goes for $25 on Amazon, but you can get it for nearly half that

The MicFlip solves that irksome quantum superposition feature USB cables seem to have.
March 11, 2017

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Although today’s leading flagships are increasingly adopting USB Type-C, the vast majority of us are still living in Micro USB land.

Unfortunately, the irritating thing about Micro USB cables is that they seem to possess the property of quantum superposition. How the hell does it always take three tries before you find the right way to plug it in?

The MicFlip is the first Micro USB cable in the world to address this problem. It’s fully reversible on both ends, so you never have to think about how you’re plugging it in again.

I have never nerded out so hard over a USB cable the way I am over Winnergear's MicFlip reversible Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable. ~Mashable

The only real gripe we’ve had with the MicFlip is that it’s that it’s remained fairly pricy for what it is. On Amazon, it’s still going for $25.

However, Tech Deals is currently offering the exact same cable for 44 percent off. You can snag a 6-foot MicFlip reversible cable for just $13.99. That’s a pretty good deal in our book.

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