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How to receive call notifications on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Get pinged when a contact rings.
December 5, 2022

Like most modern fitness trackers, the Xiaomi Mi Band line can notify its wearer of incoming calls. While you can’t place or complete calls on the tracker, it’s a useful way to keep tabs on any important rings you might otherwise miss. So, how do you activate it? Here’s everything you need to know about receiving calls on the Mi Band line.


Quickly enable call notifications on the Xiaomi Mi Band by heading to Notifications & reminders section on Zepp Life, and the Notifications and calls section on Mi Fitness. You can then activate incoming call alerts on both apps.


Two apps are compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Band fitness trackers, and you can use whichever you feel is better. While we like Zepp Life’s simplicity, you may prefer Mi Fitness’ cleaner user interface. You can enable call notifications from both apps; how-to steps for both can be found below.

How to enable call notifications on the Mi Band using Zepp Life

  • Open the Zepp Life app on your phone
  • Tap Notifications & reminders
  • Tap Incoming call
  • Toggle on Incoming call alerts
    • You can also toggle on Show contact information to display the name of the contact or their number on the Mi Band
    • Toggle on Auto SMS reply to return missed calls with an SMS. You can manage your quick reply options in the Manage SMS Replies menu item
    • Switch on Delay alerts to receive a notification a predetermined period after the first ring. You can adjust this delay length in the Set delay menu option

How to enable call notifications on the Mi Band using Mi Fitness

  • Open the Mi Fitness app on your phone
  • Select the Device tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on Incoming calls under the Notifications and calls section
  • Toggle on Vibration to enable call notifications
    • You can also toggle on Reply with message to automatically reply to calls you’ve missed. You’ll need to look over your list of Quick responses next
    • Alternatively, toggle on Delay alerts to hold notifications for 3-30 seconds

Your Mi Band will now alert you of any incoming calls.

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No, you cannot use your Mi Band to answer or take calls. You can only reject them. Therefore, Mi Bands are chiefly notification devices for incoming calls.

Yes, some models of the Xiaomi Mi Band have built-in microphones. One example is the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. However, it cannot be used for calls. It’s primarily used for polling Amazon Alexa in supported regions.