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How to enable and manage Xiaomi Mi Band notifications

Enable and keep those notifications in check on whichever Mi Band app you use.
December 2, 2022

A core feature of any wrist-worn wearable is mirroring notifications from your phone. Depending on how many apps you have installed, this can become overwhelming. It’s important to choose only the apps you rely on most to talk to your watch. In short, this means trimming the list of apps allowed to send through notifications. So, how do you do this on the Xiaomi Mi Band? We explain in detail below.


To manage notifications on your Mi Band, open Zepp Life or Mi Fitness and navigate to Notifications & reminders and App notifications, respectively.


How to enable and manage notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band

You can use two official apps alongside your Xiaomi Mi Band — Zepp Life and Mi Fitness. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but both allow you to control how notifications are beamed to your Mi Band. Follow the steps for your respective app below.

Enable and manage notifications on Zepp Life

  • Open Zepp Life
  • Tap Notifications & reminders
  • Tap App alerts.
    • You may have to turn on permissions for Zepp Life to access notifications
  • Toggle on App alerts
    • You may have to allow Zepp Life to run in the background. Follow the prompts as described for your specific phone.
  • You should now see a list of apps that will send alerts to your Mi Band

One useful tip: enable notifications for your favorite music service, so you can control music from the Mi Band.

On the Notifications & reminders page, you can also toggle on notifications for specific events and features. These include:

Enable and manage notifications on Mi Fitness

Mi Fitness notifications 1
Andy Walker / Android Authority
  • Open Mi Fitness
  • Tap the Device tab at the foot of the screen
  • Tap App Notifications

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Double-check if Do Not Disturb is activated on your smartphone or Mi Band. This will disable notifications.

We prefer Mi Fitness for its more modern layout, but arguably Zepp Life is easier to use and makes health data more readily available. We suggest trying both and settling on the app you prefer.