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MetroPCS revamps their LTE plans, makes it more simple for everyone

MetroPCS already has competitive rates but they have streamlined their rates to make things easier for the end user. Instead of worrying about talk and text, all the variations involve changes in data.
January 12, 2013
When it comes to prepaid service, it’s hard to find the right one. There is a lot to consider. Making sure you get the right amount of coverage, minutes, texts, and data. We’ve even written up a guide to prepaid plans that we update monthly to help our readers choose the best. MetroPCS has just updated their plans to make them more simple to understand. Yes, it’ll be in the guide when we update it this month.

To keep up with other no contract carriers, MetroPCS has simplified things into three main plans. All three main plans carry similar features. They all give unlimited text, talk, and data. The only difference is how much high speed data you get before you get throttled. $40 gets you 500MB, $50 gets you 2.5GB, and $60 for all you can eat data. After the limit, you still get unlimited data, but it’s throttled.

It’s good of MetroPCS to keep the plans simple and cheap. They can remain competitive and still offer cell service. If you need unlimited data, want LTE, and need a decent phone selection, then MetroPCS may be worth taking a closer look.

Is it all sunshine and butterflies for MetroPCS?

Not exactly, there are some caveats. MetroPCS 4G LTE isn’t everywhere. It’s limited to several major cities, but be sure to check their coverage map to make sure you’re getting the service you want. It’s not exactly a bad thing, but no contract plans means no subsidized phones. So if you want a top tier phone, it can set you back up to $500.

With the new plan pricing and set up, customers looking for a new carrier will definitely have less mumbo jumbo to deal with. None of that 2GB for $40 and $1 for each additional 100MB nonsense. Do these new plans make MetroPCS a worthy competitor to other carriers? Let us know what you think.