Metal Slug 2

The classic 2D action-shooting game Metal Slug 2 is now available on Android, making it the third in the series to be ported by developer SNK Playmore.

Originally a Neo-Geo game, new features have been for this Android version of Metal Slug 2:

  • Play simultaneously with another player using Bluetooth
  • Employ new weapons and slugs such as Laser Shot and Flame Bottles
  • Meet two new playable female characters: Eri and Fio
  • Earn achievements and compare them with other players
  • Operate the game with precise controls

Similar to the first and third games, Metal Slug 2 can be played in two modes. Arcane mode lets players complete the game the classic way while Mission mode allows players to choose specific levels so that they can improve their earlier attempts at finishing them. The story remains unchanged: General Morden is back from the first game and has reassembled his army in his bid to conquer the world. It is up to the players to thwart his plan and make great use of any weapons and allies they may encounter.

Any fans of the Metal Slug series surely must want to download this game. It costs $3.99 and requires 40mb of free space. Also check out our other recommended multiplayer games.

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