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Quirky messaging app ‘Line’ hits 100m users, targets the U.S. to spur growth

Naver has announced that its popular messenger app now boasts over 100 million users globally, a feat that took 19 months to reach. What's next for Line?
January 29, 2013

Back in 2011, Naver launched its very own mobile messaging solution called Line, which raked in more than 2 million downloads in just three months. The success story continues, as the company announced that the app now boasts over 100 million users worldwide, a feat that took 19 months to reach.

Like other competing instant messenger apps in the region, Line offers more than just the basic messaging features. It also allows users to make free voice calls, send photos and videos, and more. Seemingly unique to the app is the wacky Emoji and “fun stickers” that users can send to others. Think of them as emoticons on steroids.


New stickers can be bought using real money at its Stickers Shop. While they sound silly, the sales of the stickers in July of last year managed to net the company an impressive $3.75 million. According to the rep, the monthly sales figure is now much higher than that.

Making the transition to a mobile-based social network, the app also introduced “home” and “timeline” features not too long ago, which allow users to update status, post pictures, and do other Facebook-y things.

What’s next for Line? After dominating Asia, Naver is now trying to make it big in the U.S., as it reportedly has signed up Snoop Dogg and other celebrities to entice young users in the country to join the service. It has also recruited a Paramount Pictures veteran to spearhead its U.S. expansion.

If there isn’t room for another mobile messaging application on your mobile device, you can actually download Line for your PC and Mac. Check out the link below if you want to see the fuss is all about.