Though it’s still not a name to be reckoned with in the global smartphone world, Meizu sure knows how to build the hype around its flagship devices. The MX2 phone is to be unveiled on November 27, but until then we have plenty of things to keep us warm and excited.

We heard about this big guy’s mind-blowing specs a while ago, we saw its very stylish body pictured soon after and we heard about the very low starting price just a few days back. But the teasing is not over yet.

Not in the least, as Meizu has let a couple of fresh new pics slide while “dropping” the starting price once again. The new images are much higher quality than the first and confirm what we knew already – this is going to be a beau-ti-ful phone!

Unfortunately, these still show the MX2 exclusively from the front and turned off, so we’re yet to see its sexy back or the Jelly Bean/Flyme sprinkled OS. As for what we can make of the pics, we can now undoubtedly say the MX2 will be thinner than its predecessor, with a high-quality glass covering the front.

There don’t seem to be any physical buttons, which is definitely a good thing, while the front-facing camera might be housed at the phone’s bottom.

Enough with MX2’s looks, and let’s talk pricing. According to new rumors, the phone might only start at 2,499 yuan, or around $402. That’s 100 yuan less than the previously speculated price for the 16 GB version and a whopping 500 yuan less than the first rumored tag.

Of course, this is in no way official info, so grain of salt, okay? Also, don’t forget that the unveiling event is just around the corner, so tune in on Android Authority next Tuesday to find out everything about the Meizu MX2.

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