meizu mx re

The official description of the Meizu MX reads “stunningly beautiful”. Okay, maybe it’s not stunningly beautiful (I haven’t seen a truly stunning device yet), but I do consider it to be a beautiful smartphone. Not the most original in the world (it’s kind of an iPhone clone) or the slimmest (a Chinese obsession apparently), but certainly appealing to the eye.

Now, the Meizu MX is not a case of beauty without brains. The dual-core Cortex A9 inside is powerful enough to be considered future proof for a couple of years. And the rest of the specs are nothing to be ashamed with either. But perhaps the most appealing trait of Meizu’s top of the range device (at least for budget-conscious users like me) is its relatively affordable price tag.

You can have a brand new, unlocked Meizu MX from the OEM’s website for about 2399 yuan or $375 at today’s rate, which is quite good for a contract-free phone that rivals top products from HTC, Samsung, and others. It’s too bad that Meizu’s devices are still scarcely available outside China, but that seems to be slowly changing.

Anyway, now you can have a Meizu MX (dual core, not that quad-core version announced for this month) for even less. A Meizu MX RE (read refurbished) goes for 1999 yuan or about $315. The RE series are actually devices returned within the legal refund period, which were repaired, refurbished, and wiped out. The Chinese maker promises that you’ll get a like-new device and you have the same one-year warranty you get with the “new” device.

A deal is a deal, and we at Android Authority, know one when we see it. A high-end dual-core Android smartphone for just $315 is amazing, no matter how you look at it. If you have business around China in the following weeks, we suggest you give the Meizu MX RE a thought.