I am a HUGE fan of word games. So when I found out my next review was going to be a word game that I have never heard of before, I was excited.  Well, the first thought I had was what is Megawords and what separates it from all the other word games out there? Based on MegaWords little corner on the Android Market, it describes itself as “a multiplayer word game that combines the rules of Boggle and Scrabble.” To be honest, when I first read it I was kinda confused, I haven’t played Boggle in years and have no idea what the rules are. As soon as I installed it and started playing, my concerns where alleviated. It was simple, fun and highly addictive.

Installation and account setup was quick and easy. MegaWords only uses 3MB of data, so it is not at all a memory hog for those with limited space. Also for people who prefer not to give out an email address for every game they play, it is optional here. You can simply log in with a username, something I know many people will appreciate.

Once setup has been finished, you have a few options, including choosing an avatar, notification sounds, and show finished games. Notifications are on by default, and can not be shut off. I know a few red flags may go off when you hear this in connection with preserving its battery life. I had no noticeable battery drain in connection to this game, so the notifications system was not a problem for me.  Avatars are a bit limited but when I spoke with the creator of MegaWords, she assured me that the ability to create your own Avatar will be included in a future update.

The game itself is actually quite simple to learn and play. You connect letters to create words, each letter in the word is worth a certain value which adds up to your score for the turn. There are multiple board sizes for the game ranging from 4×4 to 8×8, the smaller boards generally lead to shorter games due to a smaller range of words to create and turns to take. When starting a game, you have a few options to find an opponent ranging from “random player”, “friend”, “search player”, and “friend from contacts”. I find getting my friends and family involved makes these games much more fun and competitive, so it’s nice to have the “friend from contacts” option. I really did like the chat option, its layout works really nice in connection with the notification pop-up.

MegaWords is currently in beta so it is missing a few features at the moment. But I have been told they will be implemented over the next few months, some of the features laid out on the table include:

  • Custom avatars (uploadable by users)
  • Facebook login
  • Facebook app with the game
  • Browser game (so you can play on your desktop too, without using Facebook)
  • A new game mode – MegaGame – which will have different scoring rules (you’ll be able to double/triple the points of letters and even words)
  • Paid version (no ads)
  • Multi-user (up to 4 players in the same game)
  • Multiple game themes
  • Practice mode
  • Offline play – hot seat mode. 2 players can play on the same game, also turn-based
I really enjoyed reviewing MegaWords. The game is a lot of fun, easy to get into, and great to play when you have a few minutes to kill. With all the updates that will be implemented down the road, it seems the game will only get better. Whether your a veteran or a noob at word games , this is a great one to try out.