Intergalactic peace has been broken by the robotic army of Empire Imperium. Hali, one of the members of GRiN (Galactic Rebel information Network), must set forth to infiltrate the battle stations of Empire Imperium. Your cute robot assistant S.P.A.K.K., also known as the Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic Kitten, will also keep you updated on the latest information from GRiN and also help you defeat your enemies. Set forth as Hali and defeat the Empire Imperium with the MEGATROID game on your Android device.

On the game’s main menu, you can find buttons to access the game’s shop, access game news, view extra content, and to start the game. You can also find your Credits, SpaceBucks, and your current level at the top of the screen. To begin your space adventure, just tap the Play button.

The first part of the game will teach you how to play the game. You can control Hali through the virtual control buttons or the jump and shoot buttons. Your health bar is situated at the upper-left side of the screen and the pause button in the corner. If you are not comfortable with your virtual keys, you can customize them and move them around by tapping the Configure buttons while pausing the game.

The game somewhat reminds me of the platformer game Megaman but with enhanced animations and 3D graphics. It also borrowed some of the game elements of Megaman, such as sticking to walls and performing double jumps. Megaman has a robot dog assistant named Rush, while Hali has a cute assistant named S.P.A.K.K. to aid in missions. Aside from its stunning 3D display and animations, MEGATROID’s 8-bit background music and sound effects bring the classic elements into a modern and techy Android game.

Another cool feature of this game is that it randomly generates battle stations, so no two stages are alike. Once you have successfully retrieved the Warp Gate, you can begin going to different battle stations and battle droids to defeat the Empire Imperium. You will need to type the location that you want the Warp Gate to bring you to. You can even name your battle station after your hometown or your country. You can also tap Random to let the app generate the name of the battle station.

At some point, you will be able to unlock the Face-Frame Tracker on the main menu. This will allow you to battle bosses within the game. You have 2 bosses to fight in Chapter One, another 2 for Chapter Two, and more to come in future Chapters. Battling robots and bosses will also give you experience points that will level up your character. You can reach to up to level 20 with this game.

The game also has a shop where you can buy stuff to equip your hero with powerful weapons and equip her with the armor that will turn Hali into a unicorn, or the annoying-yet-lovable Nyan Cat. You can purchase items using your Credits and SpaceBucks. You can earn Credits while completing missions. To earn more SpaceBucks, you will need to purchase it from the Google Play Store. Also visit the Black Market from time to time and view new items on the list. Your cute robot assistant will also get an upgrade as the game progresses.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your intergalactic adventure with Hali and S.P.A.K.K. in MEGATROID, absolutely free from the Google Play Store.

Alvin Ybañez
Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.