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Meet the Devs - ChkChk

In this week's developer interviews we have a nice chat with ChkChk. Among other things, ChkChk developed an app where you can sit and watch grass grow.
July 1, 2014
Developer interviews
Welcome back to our Meet the Devs segment! In this piece we take a little time to get to know the people who really make Android what it is today and that is the app developers. In this week’s developer interviews, we are talking to ChkChk.

developer interviews - ChkChk

Name: Cameron Henige

Developer Name: ChkChk

Country: United States

Website: N/A

Google + Profile/Page: N/A

How many people on your team? 1

developer interviews - party player

Tell us about your company

I am just one 22 year old working out of my apartment! I love making apps! One day ill have a big one!(hopefully).

What level of experience do you have with coding and development?

I have degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology. I have about 2.5 years of experience in Android! Most of my knowledge has been self taught!

What languages do you know? How and where did you learn them?

Java, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript. I “learned” them in school, however I actually learned them from Google. ;). Most of my education comes from solving problems using Google and Stack Overflow.

What level of experience do you have with design?

I have a good amount of design experience. It is mostly in Native Android.

What apps have you made?

Party Player, Ricochet, Finger Dash, Word War, Watch Grass Grow.

developer interviews - ricochet

How do you monetize your apps?

I use adds in some of them, and in Party Player I use an in-app purchase. I don’t make much money yet. haha.

Do you consider yourself successful?

Yes. I think I am a success even if I have not had that big app yet. I know that the knowledge I have learned making these apps are a huge success. One day I will have that big app, and then I can consider myself officially successful!

How difficult is it to make money as a developer?

Very! It is amazing how many ad impressions it takes to get just $1. My current job is working as a developer, so I make some money that way. However, the indie side of making money developing is very brutal!

What can Android do to improve?

Android Studio needs a lot of improvements. I think they should also slowly phase out eclipse. It is just too buggy. Also, the Android Emulator just needs to be faster.

Why did you choose Android? Do you develop for other platforms? What are the differences between them?

It was free and I have an Android phone. That’s the biggest reason, haha. I think that is Googles’ strategy. Get all of the good developers while they are poor college students, and by the time they do succeed, they will know Android! I also like the openness of the platform. i don’t even think that it would be possible to make a Party Player iOS version. The operating system is just too locked down.

What are your thoughts on iOS and Windows 8?

They limit themselves in too many ways! It isn’t easy for common developers to just start programming on these platforms. Too much “red tape”.

What do you think of the Android design guidelines?

I actually like them! I think they are crucial to keeping a uniform interface on the phone.

What are your favorite apps?

Party Player!! Also, Wheres My Droid is very cool! I cant tell you how many times I’ve lost my phone.

What has been your experience been like working with Google?

Very good! I love the fact that Google caters to the indie dev. It is what makes them so successful!

What does the future of development look like?

Anything that connects people to each other. Things like bluetooth low energy will be huge in the future! Also, wearables seem to be the next big thing. Watches, google glass, yada yada.

What tips do you have for aspiring developers?

Slow down and think about what you are doing. This is the fastest way to program. If you need a break, TAKE ONE! Most of my programming issues are solved in my head while I’m on a bus or in the shower.

We want to thank ChkChk for chatting with us in this week’s developer interviews! If you’re a developer and this looks like something you’d like to do, check out our Meet the Devs form! We look forward to hearing from you.