Whoever said that fast and efficient web browsing had to be limited to your computer? Though smartphones these days have been continuously getting smarter, a lot of people believe that the ultimate web browsing experience just cannot be found on mobile phones.

Maxthon Android Web Browser is here to debunk that theory. This browser claims itself to be the world’s “fastest and smartest Android browser” and looking at what features it packs, we’re pretty much convinced.

Maxthon Android Web Browser certainly packs functions that every web surfer absolutely must have. Tabbed browsing and lightning fast web surfing are just the tip of the iceberg of Maxthon Android Web Browser’s features.

The app even comes with the ability to sync to the cloud so that your bookmarks and favorite sites don’t need to just sit at home on your computer; now you can take them with you anywhere on your Android phone.

You even have the option to browse without saving any of your browsing history. Put your phone’s gorgeous screen to full use by browsing the web in full screen. Make Maxthon Android Web Browser your perfect browsing platform with small but useful add-ons such as Screenshot Assistant, RSS Reader, Boomark Backup, Web Snapshot, Task Killer, and File Manager.

To give it an additional custom touch, select a skin from Maxthon’s library of browser skins. If you’re not satisfied with the stock gestures that other mobile browsers come with, you can make your own touchscreen commands to surf with your fingertips.

Have you strayed too far along to make going back to a previous page a hassle? Maxthon Android Web Browser allows you to visit previous pages at lightning-fast speed. Maxthon’s Download Manager makes it easy to sort, schedule and grab the downloads you need.

You can also easily switch between WWW and WAP versions of the web, as well as have quick access to the Internet’s best sites.

Maxthon Android Web Browser is quickly shaping up to be a new favorite among Android users, with the host of features it packs and the ability to maximize your browsing experience by using every gorgeous inch of your device’s display. You’ll never have to wait until you get home to enjoy surfing the web, nor will you have to despair that you’ve left your bookmarks on your computer.

The best part is that Maxthon is free and isn’t cluttered by ads. Get Maxthon Android Web Browser today from the Google Play Store.

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