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"Max Payne Mobile" bringing slow motion killing to the masses on April 26

April 8, 2012

Oh games of yesteryear, come back to me! We have been seeing an increasing trend towards classic PC games being optimized for mobile gameplay, and we simply can’t get enough.Joining this ever growing list of games such as “Grand Theft Auto” and “Painkiller: Purgatory” is “Max Payne.” The hugely popular 2001 PC game created by Rockstar games will soon be available for Android users on April 26 in the Google Play Store.

Max Payne is a third-person shooter in which players take control of the main character named, you guessed it, Max Payne. It is primarily a revenge story, with Max Payne avenging the deaths of his wife and newborn daughter. He becomes a DEA agent and then goes undercover with the mob, following which he begins his one-man army crusade against the killers of his family. It’s not like any of that really matters though, as all that really matters is the ability to kill people in slow machine. It’s insanely addictive by the way, it comes highly recommended as a nice stress reliever. The gameplay itself revolves around the unique concept (well, it was unique back in 2001) of bullet-time. Bullet-time is a form of slow motion that slows the passage of time to such an extent that the movement of bullets can be seen by the naked eye, allowing Max to perform special his signature moves.

Slow Motion, people

In an announcement by Rockstar games, they mention that “Max Payne Mobile” will bring the classic PC experience optimized for Android and iOS devices and will feature:

  • HD graphics
  • high-resolution textures
  • Social Club connectivity
  • user-customizable controls

I think the user-customizable controls will be the games’ selling point because even though these games are optimized for touchscreen interfaces, controller options have been a very limiting factor. The storyline is straightforward though, and might be slightly boring for people who have played this game. But, it has been a long time for those of us who played the original PC game back in 2001. It just might be a lot of fun to rehash “old” memories, especially considering that the franchise will relaunch with Max Payne 3 coming soon for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

There is no information available on what versions of Android will support the game, but Rockstar Games promises to release a list of supported Android devices soon. There is also no information on the cost of the game, but we can expect it to be around $4.99, in line with last year’s “Grand Theft Auto 3” release.

What do you think? Are revamped versions of classic PC games a good thing? Are you looking forward to shooting some bad guys on your Android device? What games would you want brought back from the glory days of PC gaming? Let us know!