Google IO 2014 brought a multitude of new devices and services. Among them was Android L, the upcoming version of Android. With Android L, Google introduced a whole new design language – Material Design. One that not only makes the UI more fluid, good-looking and simple, but also blends the experience across all devices and screen sizes.

It’s truly a first-of-a-kind and an innovative design that will change the future of the industry. It’s so great that it has actually won a gold award for the best contribution to UX. The UX Awards have been going since 2011 and only the best software of the year gets to be part of it.

material design (1)

Of course, Google goes over on all the Material Design advantages and the changes they are introducing. Its multi-platform flexibility and dynamic UI are a huge focus, as are the new design guidelines. These open the door for a future where a smaller screen doesn’t have to mean less… it’s just smaller.

Mobile devices have been evolving and now we can have a full experience even in a 1.5-inch smartwatch display, jsut as we can on a 50-inch TV. Material Design will make this possible and the industry recognizes that fact.