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New Massachusetts rail train feature allows quicker ticket transactions via smartphones

Public transportation can get messy sometimes. You usually have to buy a ticket, wait in line to get entry, and then redeem your ticket to ride. Things can get bad if you lose your ticket. Now, rail train commuters in Massachusetts can use smartphones instead.
November 19, 2012
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A lot of things are being done with smartphones these days. At first it was simple things, like sending emails. Now it has ballooned into so many things that it is impossible to list. Everything from banking to watching movies and creating spreadsheets are easy with smartphones. Now, Massachusetts rail train commuters can use their smartphones to buy tickets.

It’s actually a pretty neat concept. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MTBA) has implemented a new system where rail train riders can use their smartphones to purchase digital train tickets. By using a new application called mTicket, commuters can purchase their rail train tickets ahead of time. This leads to less waiting in line and more commuting.

Once the ticket is purchased via the app, rail train riders have a bar code appear on the screen. That bar code is scanned for verification and the commuter can then leave the station. The MBTA has reported that over 140 stations now support these new digital tickets.

So I buy the ticket on my smartphone, have is scanned, then ride the commuter rail train?

That’s pretty much how it’s done. No more worrying about losing a paper ticket. Definitely no more waiting in lines to buy a ticket. Just a few clicks, a scan, and you’re on your way. As The Verge points out, this is a trend that is catching on. The New York Waterway and Amtrack already have similar smartphone ticket systems in place.

If this catches on with a wider range of services, it could be a pretty big deal. While the current system of buying paper tickets works to a degree, there are many small issues that prevent it from being efficient. With a smartphone system in place, commuters can get to where they need to be in a much more efficient manner. Could you see this system working where you live? Let us know what you think.