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Marvel Releases Android Captain America Game

July 24, 2011

Everyone is up in arms about Captain America! Mostly because of the recent movie that came out. Well, let it not be said that Marvel Entertainment was lax in their PR responsibilities. They’ve just unleashed their first Android game which happens to be a 3D action game called Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

It works well with Android and comes with Xperia Play control support – which is a double bonus for Xperia Play owners.

So, if you’ve seen the movie or familiar with the comic book, you should know by now that you’ll be playing Captain America in this game. Set in World War II, it has you fighting the forces of Cap’s archenemy, the Red Skill. So what can you expect from this baby?

Well, it’s essentially a beat-em-up. You’ll be using your combat moves to kick ass and take names of HYDRA soldiers. It’s got very fluid controls and expect to do a lot of stunts like wall runs, slides, and combo attacks to take down the enemy. It’s got 24 levels and has multiple pathways to end them. It’s even got hidden areas for completists and unlockables for achievement hogs. The game’s plot is written by Marvel writer Christos Gage – which means you can expect a rollicking ride. Cut scene art by Marvel artists Ron Lim and Christopher Sotomayor and a great soundtrack round out the features.

If all of that makes you interested, well, you can snap up a copy of Captain America at the Android Market for only $0.99. With all of the content in it, that’s pretty much a bargain. Although, you better check if your device is supported before buying.

Source: Droidgamers