Dying to get your hands on an Avengers movie mobile game? For fans of the movies, and comic books in general, it seems that your wish may be coming true. Sure, there has been several Avenger-related apps for Android and other platforms, but nothing to officially tie into the movie.

We don’t know a lot yet about this one yet, but a teaser for Marvel’s “New Mobile Gaming Initiative” certainly seems to show a game that has a great deal of potential, though we are unsure which mobile platforms this game will even arrive on. The storyline is centered around a mysterious pulse from space that has disable the SHIELD’s prison complex security. As a result, the breakdown in security has lead to the escape of many comic book villains like Wendigo, Zzzax, and others.

At the Marvel Avengers teaser trailer ending you’ll notice that Nick Fury says he is going to split the team of Avengers up on individual missions, which could in fact point to this game being released in an episodic format. What do you think? Looking forward to this one?

Andrew Grush
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