We all have our favorite member of the elite Marvel superhero team the Avengers. If you like your superhero green and mean, you will not want to miss the latest Marvel-based Android game that’s now available to download from Google Play, the Avengers Initiative.

Teased back in August, the first installment of the Avengers Initiative series is a swipe-based action game that bears some resemblance to the cloned-to-death Infinity Blade. The game puts you in control of the Hulk, as he battles the bad guys and villains from the Marvel universe, such as Wendigo, Abomination, and the Skrulls.

As listed on Google Play, here are the features:

  • VISCERAL COMBAT: Experience raw, SUPER‐POWERED COMBAT with blazingly responsive swipe, attack, and combo controls in a complete gesture based action game.
  • STUNNING HD VISUALS: Battle huge BOSS‐SIZED enemies amazing special effects, and incredible set pieces.
  • UNIQUE CUSTOMIZATION: FULLY CUSTOMIZE Hulk to play the way you want to play. Acquire exclusive costumes, unlock incredible super‐powered abilities, discover explosive augmentations, and upgrade all of Hulk’s combat stats.

The list of supported devices is rather underwhelming at the moment, as it only runs on Android 4+ smartphones and tablets. The regular price of the Avengers Initiative is $6.99, but right now you can download it for $4.99. If Dr. Bruce Banner’s alter ego isn’t your cup of superhero, you can expect more episodes of Avenger Initiatives in the future featuring Captain America, Thor, and others.