Right now, if you receive a Gmail notification, you have one of two options: you can either archive it or reply. Wish there were more choices than that? Thanks to a new app appropriately named “MarkAsRead for Gmail” you finally get the option to simply mark the message as read, without having to do anything else.

MarkAsRead works by intercepting Gmail notifications, it then dismisses them and sends a clone to our notification tray that adds a handy “Read” button in between the Archive and Reply options. Although this is a simple app, it’s still a welcome change that we wish Google would bring us directly.

You can grab the app for yourself from Google Play for $1.31. While this is a little hefty of a price to pay for an app that has just one function, remember that you’re not just buying the one feature, but your investing in the developer and the work they’ve put into it. And for what it’s worth, the developer already has more “MarkAsRead” ideas in store for us in the future, such as possibily bringing similar functionality to SMS messages.

What do you think, is getting a “Read” button worth $1.31 in your opinion? Anyone try this yet, if so, does it work for you as it should?

Andrew Grush
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