maps 8.2

Google is continuing to build up the feature set of its Maps Android app, with the latest update bringing elevation information for cycling routes, voice commands in navigation mode, and other smaller changes.

The biggest new feature in version 8.2 of Maps is probably the ability to see an elevation graph for routes, while in cycling mode. If you ever biked in hilly terrain, you probably understand why this feature (still in beta) can be super useful – picking the least punishing route is as simple as glancing at the graphs, though you also get a breakdown of the number of feet you go uphill and downhill respectively.

google maps 8.2 XDA

Another neat feature is the ability to interact with Maps while in navigation mode. You can ask about the traffic ahead, your time until destination, or your next turn, you can choose to turn voice guidance off, and more. You’ll have to tap on the mic button to use the feature, so there’s no voice activation like you have in Google Now.

Maps 8.2 also brings a few cosmetic changes, but nothing major. The update is now rolling out to users, but the folks over at XDA Portal have a signed APK that you can download if you want the update faster.

Bogdan Petrovan
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